Current Release: Beta 2
In Development: Beta 3

Open Streaming Platform is a free, open-source self-hosted system that lets you be your own video streaming service. You control your own content. OSP is built on Flask, Nginx-RTMP, Bootstrap 4, and Python 3.


Easily stream high quality H.264 HD video to the web with tools like OBS or FFMPEG.

HTML5 interface with a Desktop and Mobile formated UI, allowing for viewing even on the go.

Record streams directly to the platform for viewing via the web interface. Review your videos and change the metadata right on the video page.

Engage your audience with Live Chat with basic moderation controls.

Protect your videos and only allow select individuals to access your live streams and videos

Organize streams and videos into channels or topics for easy discovery of content that matters to your viewers.

Share your streams and videos directly from OSP or Embed directly to another website.

Includes a powerful self-documented Swagger API to programically interact with the platform with 3rd party applications.